About Luz

Experienced Leader For Working Utah Families

"As a member of the Senate Democratic Leadership team, Senator Escamilla is an effective voice for Utah working families. From issues related to living wages, access to affordable quality health care, quality public education and air quality, Luz continues to be your family's voice on Capitol Hill."

After School Programs

Senator Escamilla passed legislation to direct education leaders to establish high quality standards for after school programs in our state and secured funding to increase access to these programs.

Caring For Our Veterans

"Senator Escamilla has spent many years working on taking care of our veterans. Luz passed legislation that expanded a property tax exemption to military combat veterans. In addition, she passed legislation that enhances the GI bill for Utah veterans by having the state fund the gap between federal funds military veterans apply for when attempting to obtain a bachelor's degree at the university level. "

Clean Air

Senator Escamilla passed legislation to clean up the air our families breathe. She will hold polluters accountable for the damage they cause and make them pay for the cleanups.

Luz Escamilla for Senate District 1

1004 North Morton Drive

Salt Lake City, UT 84116

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